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Abu Sayeed Khan


Abu Sayeed Khan is a Bangladeshi journalist, writer and political commentator. He is currently associated with the Samakal and is a regular columnist. He was a participant in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. He has written books on politics, Bangladesh Liberation War and other contemporary subjects.

Early life and background

Abu Sayeed Khan was born on 1st February 1952 at the village Bibhagdi of Faridpur district. His father Abdur Rashid Khan was a school teacher and social worker. During the Bangladesh Liberation War Abdur Rashid Khan was involved in organizing a local freedom fighters camp. His mother is Rizia Khan. Abu Sayeed Khan completed primary education from Rangamularkandi Primary school. He passed SSC examination from Komorpur Abdul Aziz Institution of Faridpur Sadar upazila in 1967 and passed HSC examination from Rajendra College Faridpur in 1970. Due to political involvement he could not continue his study back then. Later on he graduated from Dhaka University. During Bangladesh Liberation War he published and edited a weekly newspaper `Uttal Padma’ from Mujibnagar.Khan participated in various political and human Rights movements including Mass Upsurge of 1969, movement against the autocratic rule of Ershad, movement demanding the trail of war criminals of 1971 and movements for ensuring the rights of religious and ethnic minorities.


Abu Sayeed Khan was a full time political activist of Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal until 1996. After that he began his journalism career as a freelancer. He joined Manabzamin as Assistant Editor in 2000. Then he worked at The Samakal as Assistant Editor and later as Managing Editor from 2005 to 2014. He also worked as the editor of Protidiner Sangbad. He rejoined Samakal around 2016.

Social Service

Abu Sayeed Khan founded Bibhagdi Shahidsmriti Mahabidyalay (college) in 2018 and Rizia Rashid Govt. Primary School at his native village Bibhagdi in Faridpur district. During his student life, Khan founded `Nabin Club’ at his village. He commenced the initiative for secondary school at the village through the club. Later on the club became the initial house of Bibhagdi high school.


Date of birth: 1st February, 1952
Birth place: Bibhagdi, Faridpur, Bangladesh
Father: Abdur Rashid Khan
Mother: Rizia Khan
Spouse: Shamima Khan
Son: Anik Rubaiyat Khan
Qualification: Graduation, University of Dhaka
Occupation: Journalist


  • Participated in anti-autocratic movement in sixties,
  • People uprizing in 1969,
  • Liberation war in 1971.
  • Movement for democratic and economic emancipation during Muzib, Mustak, Zia and Ershad regime.
  • People uprizing in 1990
  • Movement demanding the trail of war criminal led by shaheed Janoni Zahanara Imam.
  • Movement for protect the rights of the minorities in Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Published Books

  • পাকিস্তানের প্রেতাত্মা, গণজাগরণ এবং একাত্তরের স্বপ্ন (Wraith of Pakistan, Mass Uprising and Dream of Seventy One)
  • প্রত্যাশিত গণতন্ত্র ও বিবদমান রাজনীতি  (Prospective Democracy and Discordant Politics)
  • সময়ের প্রতিলিপি (Replication of Time)
  • বোবা পাহাড়ের কান্না ও অন্যান্য গল্প (Tears of Mute Mountain and Other Stories)
  • প্রশ্নবিদ্ধ রাজনীতি ও সমকালীন সমাজ (Questioned Politics and Contemporary Society)
  • রাজনীতির কালাকাল ( Politics of Different period)
  • স্লোগানে স্লোগানে রাজনীতি (Slogan in politics)
  • জাপানদর্শণ (Journey in Japan)
  • রাজনীতির তিন অধ্যায় (Three dimension of politics)
  • এবং দিন বদলের রাজনীতি (And the Politics of Change)
  • মুক্তিযুদ্ধের দলিলপত্র: ফরিদপুর (সম্পাদিত) (The Documents of liberation war: Faridpur)
  • মুক্তিযুদ্ধে ফরিদপুর (The war of Liberation- Faridpur)
  • ভাষার লড়াই ( Movement for Language)
  • উপেক্ষিত মুক্তিযুদ্ধ উপেক্ষিত জনগন (Neglected war of liberation, neglected people)
  • বিকল্প চিন্তা বিকল্প রাজনীতি (Alternative thought, Alternative politics)


  • India
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • Congo
  • Uganda

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